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Salman Khan Eats Everything, Shah Rukh Khan Only Eats Tandoori Chicken, Reveals Farah Khan on Star vs Food

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Anil Kapoor is all set to appear on today’s episode of Star vs Food on Discovery+, where he will be seen trying his hand at making European food. The actor makes Slow Roast Lamb Slider and Gnocchi Pasta for his friends Farah Khan and Arbaaz Khan, and sister-in-law Maheep Kapoor. Farah says she had never seen the actor cook, so she had come with zero expectations. Maheep Kapoor also says that she has never seen Anil enter the kitchen.

“I have been married for 21 years, and dated Sanjay Kapoor for 5 years. I have never seen Anil enter the kitchen. In 26 years, this is the first time I am eating Anil Kapoor’s food,” Maheep reveals. While there was a lot of talk about food on the show, some secrets of Bollywood stars are also revealed.

While eating, Arbaaz asks, “You believe that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” While Anil replies, “Yeah, I think so”, Farah interjects, “Not for Anil, because Sunita doesn’t let him eat.” Maheep says she’ll vouch for that. “Dating Sanjay, we used to meet in Lokhandwala, so Anil was always complaining there was too much oil in the food. Sunita was always firing him that Anil you are eating too much. Since 26 years he is eating from everyone else’s plate and then saying I’ve not eaten.”

After the pasta is brought in, Arbaaz poses another question about one word Anil is famous for using, “How was this word Jhakaas invented?” Anil explains, “It started with the film Yudh, directed by Rajv Rai. I was playing a double role with Jackie Shroff. I kept saying jhakaas in that film constantly. It became a bit popular when the film released, people loved it, but they forgot about it after some time. Suddenly it has come up again, it has become a bit retro.

“Now I put in a condition when doing a film or an endorsement -if I have to say ‘Jhakaas’, I’ll charge double the money,” he jokes.

Anil asks Farah, “How would you describe Salman with food?” Farah responds, “He is the only star I know who eats everything. Shah Rukh eats tandoori chicken only. I have never seen him eat roti, bread or rice.” To which Anil adds, “I saw while working with him on Trimurti, he takes only one serving.”

“Salman, despite having this physique, I have seen him eat rice, biryani, chhole, he eats everything,” emphasizes Farah.

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