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Hindus Most Decent And Tolerant Majority In The World, Javed Akhtar Writes In Shiv Sena Mouthpiece

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Veteran lyricist Javed Akhtar has called Hindus “the most tolerant majority in the world” in an article written in Saamana, the Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece, adding that “India could never be equated with Taliban-ruled Afghanistan as Indians are by nature moderates”.

“Actually, in the recent interview, I have said ‘Hindus are the most decent and tolerant majority’ in the world. I have repeated this time and again and also emphasized that India can never become like Afghanistan because Indians by nature are not extremists. It is in their DNA to be moderate, to keep to the middle of the road,” wrote Akhtar in the opinion piece in Saamana.

Akhtar was recently embroiled in a controversy over his comments on similarities between the mindset of Taliban in Afghanistan and Hindu right-wing organisations. Akhtar was criticised and some even called for a ban on his movies till the time he issued an apology.

Recently, it has been announced that a docu film will be made on Akhtar and his former writing partner Salim Khan, titled Angry Young Men. The film is being produced by their respective children, filmmakers Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar and actor Salman Khan.

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