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When BTS’ Youngest Member Jungkook Nearly Passed Out Backstage at Chile Concert

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BTS may be the biggest K-pop group in the world but even they do have their days when they succumb to exhaustion from over-work. The septet consisting of RM, Suga, J-hope, Jin, Jungkook, V, and Jimin have gone on multiple world tours before the coronavirus pandemic and oftentimes the members have to perform for long hours at different locations. The continuous performing happens to take a toll on their bodies, as was seen during the 2018 Chile concert when the group’s youngest member Jungkook nearly passed out.

In their 2018 documentary Burn the Stage: The Movie, fans witnessed what goes on backstage when the members prepare themselves to deliver their best to the fans. One of the scenes of the documentary showed how Jungkook was gasping for air while sweating profusely backstage. Fellow members J-hope and RM who noticed Jungkook’s condition were also taken aback. As the group leader, RM was trying to ensure Jungkook was feeling alright for the upcoming performance and asked him to not overwork himself. RM said in the documentary that he was confused at the moment as he was worried about both Jungkook’s health and the show. RM also said that at the end of the day an idol is also a human who needs rest.

The scenes of the documentary showed how Jungkook tried to carry on the show despite feeling exhausted from overwork. As the makeup and hair artists prepared him for the next act, and the organisers announced that they only have a minute to go on stage, Jungkook was seen struggling to recuperate. However, as he gets up and enters the stage, the singer immediately transforms into the ever-charming performer for the heaving fans.

Jungkook said in the documentary that he knew that the band would be performing in Chile only for two days and he was not sure when they would return to the country for their next concert. Hence, the vocalist wished to deliver his best despite his body needing rest.

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