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Kavita Kaushik Urges Netizens to Help Cops Find Missing Set Doctor Amit Sharma

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From sharing adorable pictures to lashing out at trolls, FIR fame Kavita Kaushik remains quite active on social media. This time, though, she has sought help from people to find out Doctor Amit Sharma, who was a set consultant on Indian Idol and is missing for a couple of days. It was also learned that he has been a doctor to many of the TV artists for over 20 years and has worked as a consultant on the sets of various shows. The actress, who was extremely worried, shared details about Amit’s family. Through her tweet, she informed that Amit’s mom is inconsolable, and the police have been informed as well. Kavita urged fans to help the family in finding him.

Sharing a snap of the missing doctor, she wrote, “Attention Please!! This is Doctor Amit Sharma, He is missing for the last 5 days, his mother is howling, cops have been informed too! Please help to find him and inform if anyone has seen him.”

In another Tweet Kavita stated that according to his mother, his behaviour went under a mysterious change as he started staying aloof, did not eat, and lost his speech. The day Amit’s family last saw him, he left his residence without a wallet and mobile.

Several actors, including Richa Chadha and Rajiv Paul, have also extended their support. Paul shared that when he had contracted COVID-19, it was Amit who helped him recover from it.

In a tweet on September 12, Kavita shared that Oshiwara station police and few senior officials have assured her that they will try their best to find him within 48 hours. “I have full faith on them and the team. I am just waiting now to hear from them or anyone else,” she added.

Kavita has been a support for Amit’s family as they are going through a tough time.

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