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Shamita Shetty Reveals How She Lost Her 1st Boyfriend

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Actor and interior designer Shamita Shetty, one of the contestants on Bigg Boss OTT, poured her heart out recently to Neha Bhasin when she recollected the painful memory of losing her first boyfriend. In the recent episode, Shamita shared her feelings about her friendship with Raqesh Bapat and mentioned that she is very emotional about her loved ones.

In a chat with Neha Bhasin, Shamita said that her first boyfriend died in a car accident and since then, she has become more emotional and possessive for her close ones. Citing her emotional tendencies, Shamita said that it might have caused a clash in her friendship with Raqesh.

Earlier in the day, Raqesh, too, opened up to Neha about the change in the relationship with Shamita. He said that Shamita was suffering because of him, and it was also affecting her health. After listening to both, Neha asked Raqesh to have word with Shamita. But, the two have been trying to avoid each other since the fight.

Recently, Voot shared a teaser wherein Shamita revealed that there was a mutual feeling between her and Rakesh. Neha asked her, “Do you like each other?” Shamita replied, “It’s so obvious that we do, right? He’s lovely but I find him very confused.” She added, “I am someone who is not confused. When I make a decision, I stand by it.”

Raqesh’s growing friendship with Divya Agarwal has become an issue between him and Shamita. In the episode, Raqesh spoke about winning Divya’s trust. Shamita, then, warned him against Divya, but he snapped at her. The two got into an argument on the “Sunday Ka Vaar” episode.

Raqesh has also spoken about his affection for the actor and has even said that he feels attached to Shamita. Earlier, Bigg Boss announced that all the contestants from now will perform as individuals rather than as connections.

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