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Sanjay Dutt’s Daughter Trishala Dutt Gives Sarcastic Reply to Instagram Follower Over Marriage Proposal

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Trishala Dutt, daughter of actor Sanjay Dutt, in a recent ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Instagram reacted to an Instagram user’s proposal of marriage. The netizen had asked the 33-year-old star kid as to why she doesn’t reply to the questions that are sent through their handle. Reacting to this, Trishala wrote, “I never answer it because it has nothing to do with mental health. And at this point, with all the ghosting going on and conversations slowly fading out after first dates from the guys end — why not lol. Happy?”

Trishala, who is a psychotherapist by profession, has been doing ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions on Instagram through which she shares information related to mental health. She hasbeen very vocal about the condition of her mental state and has also revealed that she is taking therapy to help her deal with the loss of her partner. The 33-year-old lost her boyfriend in July 2019. Describing the things she is doing to help herself, Trishala revealed that she has been meeting her friends and family while following all precautionary measures against the coronavirus. Emphasising the changes that have happened because of the pandemic, Trishala mentioned that she is now only able to meet her therapist and support groups through the virtual medium.

Trishala had also taken some time off social media in order to have some peaceful ‘me time’. During the break, she had focused on processing the loss and the sudden barrage of changes that had happened in her life.

In another ‘Ask Me Anything’ question,a person asked about the longest relationship that the star kid has been in. Revealing the details, Trishala mentioned that she was in a seven-year-long relationship with a person but the two of them mutually decided to part ways. She also went on to add that her ex-partner is happily married and has a family of his own. Trishala concluded her answer by adding that she wishes her former partner the very best.

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