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Karan Johar Confronts Akshara Singh for Body-Shaming Neha Bhasin

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Singer Neha Bhasin and actor Akshara Singh

Singer Neha Bhasin and actor Akshara Singh

Sunday Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss OTT witnessed the ‘janta’ interact with the housemates and ask them questions directly, instead of presenting them with a report card as a Teachers’ Day special stint.

  • Last Updated:September 05, 2021, 22:24 IST

This Sunday Ka Vaar episode witnessed the ‘janta’ interact with the housemates and ask them questions directly, instead of presenting them with a report card as a Teachers’ Day special stint. It seemed a lot of comments made by Akshara Singh, especially the ones that were directed towards Neha Bhasin did not sit well with the audience as three consecutive questions were for her. Host Karan Johar started with schooling Akshara for body-shaming Neha. Akshara had said something about “Body feel” which Karan Johar bought up and made sure she apologized for what she said.

Neha initially said that she has let go of the incident but as the episode progressed, further disagreements surfaced between the two. Karan informed her that they have been receiving a lot of feedback from the audience who haven’t let go of the incident where Neha was shammed. Neha also added that she has been facing discrimination for several things since childhood and said that Zeeshan or Pratik roaming with their shirts off never invite criticism but her being friendly with the men in the house leads to her being shammed. She also addressed Akshara calling her man stealer when their partners were exchanged and mentioned that these things should not be gender-specific. However, Akshara said that her comments were not sexist in nature as it was not directed towards her just because she is a woman. Karan also called out Akshara for not owning up to her own words. While asking other contestants what they felt about the entire incident, he also confronted Divya Agarwal for not speaking up when the incident occurred and accused her of speaking according to her convenience.

The fourth question was for Raqesh Bapat where an audience told him that he should not fight with Shamita Shetty as he has reached this far because of her. He was asked if he were in the house with some other connection, would he have been able to reach this far? Raqesh explained that he is thankful to Shamita but no one is here because of anyone. He added that he will thank her even after the show is over as he has learnt a lot from her and is very grateful to her. Karan pulled their leg and joked about the time when Shamita was jealous because he took Divya’s lip balm. Raqesh added that he would have been on the same page with Neha but not with Divya or Akshara. Divya replied that Raqesh would have been a different version of himself if he were with her. Shamita did not respond well to it but Karan cleverly moved on from the issue.

The fifth question was for Pratik Sehejpal and one of the audience said that since he has changed his connection, he has changed and has become more defensive. Pratik said he doesn’t play on ‘back foot’ but Moose and Divya disagreed. Moose said she liked his connection better with Akshara, while the latter accused him of dancing on Neha’s commands which angered the singer.

Divya was asked what the term ‘best friend’ means to her because it has been changing since the show started. She said for her, best friend means the person who is best in the lot but Nishant is the one she considers as her best friend. Divya was once again questioned by the Janta, who said she doesn’t have her own story in the house but always intrudes in someone else’s. She was also questioned about her game plan. Divya revealed that she has been feeling low since Zeeshan was evicted and her opinions are not accepted because she doesn’t have a connection.

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