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I’ve Visited Delhi, Assam, Would Love to Return to India

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La casa de papel or Money Heist, as it is known popularly, released as a local Spanish show, but gained worldwide recognition, thanks to the streaming giant Netflix. The craze for the heist series can be credited to several factors – from their well-graphed characters to the symbols of resistance they use. Bringing a new meaning to the symbols like the Dali mask or the Italian resistance song ‘Bella Ciao’, the series is returning with its fifth and final season. Ahead of the release of the first instalment, the cast joined News18 from Spain to share their insights on their characters and more.

One of the reasons why most audiences relate to the show is due to its portrayal of strong women characters trying to take a stand in a man’s world, be it on the side of the robbers or the hostages. One of the characters, who evolved from being her boss’ mistress and carrying his child to joining the side of her capturers, was Monica aka Stockholm played by actress Esther Acebo who says her character did a brave thing by leaving her comfort zone.

“We have seen a lot of change in this character season after season. We see that she is someone who at a certain point decides to take steps, to be brave to leave her comfort zone. And it’s hard to sustain this level of change, and her character, like other characters, is subject to great pressure which is physically, emotionally draining. She finds herself in a situation she would have never thought of – a heist, and we will see good things surface regarding her character and perhaps other not so good things, if I may use this term. We will see her in despair as well as other characters,” said Monica while talking about the personality change of her character, who plays one of the robbers Denver’s love interest.

Talking of Denver, actor Jaime Lorente seemed to be listening carefully to his on-screen lover’s reply, before he talked about his own character. Known for his peculiar laugh, and often considered as one of the immature and hot-headed characters in the group of robbers, Denvers’ character graph, too, has had a rollercoaster ride.

Jaime thinks his character is like a son, looking after another son (referring to his father’s death in the previous seasons and him fathering a child now).

“I feel more like a son looking after a son and I feel that Denver is someone with an inner conflict that really needs a hug and needs to be embraced. That’s how I see him – a son, looking after a son,” the actor said about his character. This answer, in turn, prompted a quick response from his co-actors Esther and Belén Cuesta, who didn’t waste a second to fulfil his wish. The actors, who play Jaime’s onscreen lover and a close friend, embraced him reminding him that he has their constant support. Needless to say, it led to a very adorable moment during the conversation.

However, it is this close tie between the actors that Belen was a bit nervous about when she joined the show. The actor, who plays Julia aka Manila, was featured in the third season and joined the cast in the fourth season, said, “I wasn’t nervous about the popularity, I was a bit nervous about joining a team that was already consolidated with close ties. There was a strong feeling of dizziness, of vertigo for me joining the team and but I felt huge respect. I wanted to do things well and they had already been doing this series for quite some time. I was looking forward to learning and I very much learned and enjoyed it,” she said.

Among the three, Belen also happens to be the only one to have visited India a couple of times. Talking of her experience, she expressed, “I am very much in love with India. I have a good friend there and have visited Delhi a couple of times and Assam as well. I would love to return to the country.”

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