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Here’s What Shamita Shetty Wants to Know From Nia About Sister Shilpa

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Actress Nia Sharma has got a wild card entry in the show Bigg Boss OTT and she has mingled well with all the other contestants of the show. She is behaving like a boss lady in the Big Boss house. Actress Shamita Shetty, who has been an inmate of the house since the beginning of the show, too tried to know from Nia about the situation outside. It is obvious that she wanted to know about her sister Shilpa Shetty who is facing problems after her husband Raj Kundra was arrested in the pornography case.

Shilpa too was questioned by Mumbai crime branch in connection with the case. She was also trolled a lot on social media due to this. Shamita did not want to leave her sister alone in these difficult times but she had to become a part of the show due to her commitment. Shamita asked Nia in sign language if everything outside was fine. In reply to this Nia said everything is fine and she did not hear news of anybody dying before coming to the show. Then Shamita clearly said that she was asking about herself.

Even after Shamita tried to explain, Nia could not understand what she wanted to say and said that she could not understand. This annoyed Shamita as Nia was not able to understand what Shamita wanted to say. Then Nia consoled her and asked her not to worry that everything is alright with her sister. As per the rules of the show, no contestant in the Bigg Boss house can discuss the outside things. This is the reason Shamita could not ask her question openly.

The audience is finding it difficult to believe that Nia did not know anything about the Raj Kundra case. She could not even understand Shamita’s simple question. Shamita has cried many times remembering her family. She did not even read the letter that came from her family. She tore it to save Raqesh.

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