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Comedy Circus Actor Sidharth Sagar Suffers Relapse, Sent to Rehab for Substance Abuse

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Comedian Sidharth Sagar has slipped and is again sent to rehab. Sidharth has a history of drug abuse and looks like he has suffered a relapse.

The comedian, who shot to fame through Sony TV’s Comedy Circus and The Kapil Sharma Show, was in the headlines in 2018 after he went missing. After this, Sidharth took to Instagram and shared loads of issues he was dealing with, including substance abuse, childhood traumas and depression. Later his parents came out and spoke about his bipolar disease, which again gained traction in the media.

According to new reports by TOI, Sidharth was found in bad condition by the police and was sent to rehab for further treatment. His mother has been called from Delhi to Mumbai for assistance. His mother suspects that his erratic mental conditions are a result of his drug abuse.

“I had to go to Delhi since my 12-year-old pet was ill, who later passed away. I have no clarity over the matter. I am travelling to Mumbai to see my son,” Alka Sagar, Sidharth’s mother, told ETimes.

She further added, “We started his Bipolar medication, and he was doing really good. But he stopped taking his medicines all of a sudden. He was also doing well career-wise. So something somewhere is not right.” She also said that she is relieved that nothing like Sushant Singh Rajput happened with him.

Sidharth’s parents were living close to him to take care of him and help him come out of this quicksand. However, he has in the past made allegation against his parents for illegally withdrawing money from his account and sending him to an asylum where he was traumatized and ill-treated for things he was not even suffering from.

The comedian had gotten back on track and was doing the comedy show on Zee, judged by Farah Khan. He had recently replaced comedian Johnny Lever’s daughter, Jamie Lever.

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