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Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat Confess Their Feelings for Each Other During Major Fight

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Bigg Boss OTT contestants Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat, who are being shipped by their fans, had a major fight on Tuesday. Shamita got upset with Raqesh after he “jokingly” taunted her for “cribbing” all the time. Shamita walked out of the bedroom in rage and decided to end things with Raqesh. She even told her fellow contestant Neha Bhasin that it was over between her and Raqesh. For the unversed, Shamita is Raqesh’s connection on the show.

Later, Raqesh tried to resolve the issue with Shamita but she snapped at him, saying, “I don’t want to talk. I selflessly tore my mother’s letter for you and you are telling me all this.” Shamita was referring to the nomination task where she saved Raqesh and nominated herself for the elimination by tearing a letter from her family.

Later in the night, Raqesh called out Shamita for controlling him and taunting him about the sacrifice that she did by tearing her mother’s letter. Raqesh did not like the fact that Shamita tries to stop him from speaking to Divya. Raqesh told her that he doesn’t like Divya anyway and she doesn’t even matter to him but he can’t ignore people on their faces, especially when they are living under the same roof. He even told Shamita that whatever emotions he had shown towards her in the show were “real,” and not because they were a connection.

Shamita confronted Raqesh about when she ever tried to control him. She said that she didn’t want him to speak to Divya because she didn’t trust Divya. Towards the end of their fight, Shamita broke down in tears and admitted to liking Raqesh. “I have not played the game from Day 1. I let you hold my hand or I let you kiss on my cheek is because I like you. I don’t know how to fake it. When you say all these things to me you have to understand where I’m coming from. It’s taken me a long time to accept myself the way I am. And all the relationships that I had been in, none of the men really made me feel very good about myself, Raqesh. I have gone in a self-preservation mode to protect myself.”

Following the major showdown, both Raqesh and Shamita walked off and didn’t speak to each other. Later, Raqesh was heard telling Nishant Bhat that he’s found solace in Shamita after a very long time and he genuinely cares for her. Raqesh even said that he is thinking of taking a voluntary exit as he doesn’t want to play the game anymore.

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