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Himani Bundela Answered This Question to Win Rs 1 Crore

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Himani Bundela from Agra has been declared the first Rs 1 crore winner on Kaun Banega Crorepati 13, hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. Himani played with confidence and courage and impressed everyone with her gameplay.

Himani told News18 that she has been a big fan of the show and always wanted to be on TV. “I’ve been trying for KBC since 2009. I may have been 13-14 or a couple of years younger. Back then, it was the message system but somehow I could not get through. When the registration system started on the show via the app in 2019, I thought this was authentic. This time I finally made it. I never felt like not trying for it anymore even though I failed over the years. I was disappointed and doubt did shadow my mind but when I started receiving pre-registration messages, it boosted my confidence further,” she said.

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This was the Rs 1 crore question that Himani answered correctly.

Which of these was an alias used by Noor Inayat Khan to work as a spy for Britain in France during the Second World War?

Her options were:

Vera Atkins

Krystyna Skarbek

Julienne Aisner

Jeanne-Marie Renier

The correct answer is Jeanne-Marie Renier.

Noor Inayat Khan was a British spy of Indian origin. She served during the Second World War and was executed at a Nazi Germany concentration camp in 1944. Recently, actor Radhika Apte played the character in Sarah Megan Thomas’ A Call To Spy.

Himani, unfortunately, quit the show after this as she was not sure of Rs 7 crore question’s answer.

What was the title of the thesis that Dr BR Ambedkar submitted to the London School of Economics for which he was awarded his doctorate in 1923?

Her options were:

The Want And Means Of India

The Problem Of The Rupee

National Dividend Of India

The Law And Lawyers.

The correct answer was The Problem Of The Rupee.

Because Himani did not know the right answer, she chose to quit the game with her Rs 1 crore in hand. Latr, it was revealed that Himani’s guess would have been wrong has she chose to gamble away and play.

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