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Raqesh Bapat’s Cute Moments with Shamita Shetty in the House

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Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty are painting the TV screens red with their adorable admiration for each other. Be it Raqesh kissing her hands or drawing her close for a hug, the fans can’t get enough of the Shamita-Raqesh romance. The Bigg Boss OTT contestants are making the audience drool and have become one of the most-talked romances in the history of the TV reality show. Even though it was quite difficult to bring the long list down, we have carefully picked a few of the best moments of the actors. This list will make you go aww for them. Read along:

1. Raqesh was seen constantly pecking Shamita’s cheek as the other contestants looked on. Shamita was also seen romantically feeding Raqesh.

2. Shamita and Raqesh danced together to Sharara. Shamita dressed in a orange ensemble and Raqesh in a black suit can be seen blushing as they embrace each other.

3. The two seem to have found friendship and more in the Bigg Boss house. The couple are often seen holding hands casually while doing some activities. Once Shamita was seen crying in the Bigg Boos house – soon Raqesh came and hugged her from the back to be there for her.

4. One night, Raqesh referred to Shamita as ‘baby,’ and said that he would love to warm up to her. Their instances of flirting with each other are making their fans go crazy for them who made the hashtag #Raqsha trend incessantly on social media.

5. In one of the episodes, Raqesh and Shamita almost confessed their feelings for each other. When Bigg Boss asked the contestants to choose their partner, Shamita didn’t even bat an eyelid before deciding to give the cut-out of the heart to Raqesh. To this, Raqesh said that he feels that the actress is one of his own and that they belong to each other.

6. Raqesh randomly propped up to give a kiss to Shamita on the cheeks. How cute!

7. Look at how Raqesh makes up to Shamita after a silly fight – with pecks and cheek pulls.

8. Be it sweet nothings or a shared laughter, this couple always sneak out their own time to have a conversation.

The audience loves them so much that they keep getting saved from nominations to get eliminated. In the recent episode, when they both were saved, the couple couldn’t stop embracing each other in their arms. Looks like a lot is brewing between Shamita and Raqesh. Well, just like their fans, we are also waiting to know how things take a turn for them.

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