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BTS’ Jimin Talks About Restructuring His Teeth, Upcoming Music

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The BTS fans – lovingly referred to as the BTS Army – is always looking forward to the Bangton Boys hosting sessions for them, entertaining throughout with sings, music and of course, share latest announcements of their upcoming shows. That’s why, when one of the band members of the Korean boy band, Jimin hosted an VLive session, the fans were elated. This live session comes 20 days after he featured in an impromptu live session. Even after planning to speak to his fans for quite some time, the session got delayed as the singer fell ill as a post-COVID-19 vaccination effect.

As translated by one of the fan accounts of BTS, the singer contemplated of going through a change in the structure of his teeth, during the session. He revealed to his fans that even though they love his teeth arrangement, he needs to make some changes around it as the lower part is fake. Sometimes while performing, due to the mic, the teeth breaks off and it is painful for him. So he is thinking of getting braces.

“There’s something I want to tell. I think you’ll be sad. Should I say it? This is the bottom part of my tooth, right? It’s fake. You know when I’m singing, it sometimes breaks off because of the mic. So I went to the dentist and got consultation for braces,” said Jimin.

The most exciting announcement came after that when Jimin said that the boys are working on an undisclosed project which will release for their audience in the next two to three months. It comes as a follow-up announcement after RM, the BTS leader, accidentally revealed last week about the project.

RM also made a hilarious cameo in Jimin’s live session. He made a quick appearance, to which Jimin asked him if he is off to hit the gym. RM replied that he is going home. But, after greeting, he left the fans confused by wishing them ‘Happy new year.’ However, RM delayed going home and stayed back to greet a fan on his birthday, he also sang a few renditions of their famous songs — Promise, Filter Filter, Love Myself and Magic Shop -and promoted two other Korean singers, Kim Jinho and Yoon Dohyun. They are apparently JImin’s new favourite.

The Bangton Boys, who have a massive fan following across the world, released two songs this year – Butter and Permission To Dance. Last week, they released a remix of Butter, featuring American rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

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