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Zeeshan Khan Gets Expelled After Violence; Raqesh Kisses Shamita

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During the ‘Boss Man-Boss Lady’ task on Wednesday, Zeeshan Khan got into an ugly fight with fellow contestant Pratik Sehajpal and pushed him in a fit of rage, which led to his ouster from the show. Bigg Boss had assigned a task to all the housemates, wherein Zeeshan and Divya were given an opportunity to make their own rules in the house. If any connection attempted to break the rules, they would be given red flags, and hence, be out from the captaincy race.

In the middle of the task, Nishant Bhat had a heated argument with Zeeshan’s connection Divya Agarwal after they were slammed by Bigg Boss for not understanding the task correctly. Following this, Pratik and Nishant decided to sabotage the task by breaking all the red flags. Zeeshan then got involved in a physical fight with Pratik. Given their equation, others ignored it until things took an ugly turn. While Raqesh Bapat and Milind Gaba tried to keep Zeeshan away from Pratik, in a fit of rage, Zeeshan pushed Pratik. Bigg Boss had to intervene multiple times but both Zeeshan and Pratik didn’t pay heed to his warnings.

Later, Bigg Boss asked all the housemates to gather in the living area and announced Zeeshan’s ouster from the show for his violent behaviour. As soon as the announcement was made, Pratik Sehajpal jumped in joy, saying that it was “justified.” On the other hand, Zeeshan’s connection Divya Agarwal broke down in tears and even asked him to apologise to evade the punishment, but Zeeshan flatly refused.

Elsewhere, Shamita got upset with Raqesh after he went to console Divya after Zeeshan’s expulsion from the show. Shamita and Divya used to be friends earlier but things got sour between them after the latter called out the Mohabbatein actress for being “bossy” and “dominating.” When Raqesh tried to reason him out, Shamita snapped at him, saying, “Don’t give me an explanation. I’m not your girlfriend.”

Later, Raqesh kissed Shamita and apologised to her by saying that he wouldn’t speak to Divya ever again. They eventually hugged it out.

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