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Mughals Original Nation Builders, Their Portrayal in Films Disturbing: Kabir Khan

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Bollywood director Kabir Khan is one of the few mainstream filmmakers who speak their minds. He is continuously voicing his concerns about Afghanistan, which has been taken over by the Taliban. Now, the director has said something about the portrayal of Mughal rulers in the recent Hindi films. Khan said he finds it “hugely disturbing” to watch films that demonise Mughals, adding they were the original nation-builders. The 52-year-old highlighted that such movies are being made to go with the popular narrative which upsets him the most.

In a chat with Bollywood Hungama, Khan, who has directed films such as Kabul Express, New York and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, expressed his frustration over the recent trend of portraying Mughals as villains, who just “massacred and converted people”.

Khan asserted that Mughals, in fact, worked for the development of this country, adding that there should be an open debate on the history of their rule. “I think they were one of the original nation builders, and to just to write them off and just pass off some line saying ‘No, no, they massacred people, they converted people. They did this. They did that.’ But what are you basing it on? Please point out the historical evidence, please have an open debate,” he told the entertainment portal.

He also urged filmmakers to not go with the popular narrative, saying it’s the “easiest thing today”. He said it is distressing to see Mughals being shown through a biased lens, adding that he can not respect such films.

Khan also noted that this was his personal opinion and he cannot speak for the majority of the people.

Recent films such as Padmavat, Tanhaji and Panipat have depicted the Mughal rule on the big screen.

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