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Top 5 Performances of the Multi-talented Actress

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Daisy Shah, the stunning actress, is known for her incredible beauty and great performances. As a multi-talented star, she has successfully managed her acting, modeling, and dance careers while winning the hearts of several people. The actress once aspired to become an air hostess, but destiny had other plans for her. The gorgeous diva was titled Miss Photogenic at the Miss Dombivali Competition at the start of her career. There was no going back after that. Let’s take a look at some of the best performances of the star.

Jai Ho- 2014

Daisy, recognised for her astounding performances and exceptional skills, began her career with the film Jai Ho, in which she co-starred with Bollywood’s Bhai, Salman Khan. Shah played ‘Pinky’ the love interest of Jai (Salman) in the movie. Pinky is a girl next door and is funny and chirpy. Though her role was short but watching her in that role is a delight.

Hate Story 3- 2015

According to Daisy, she took this film because she wanted to break her image of te girl next door. And yet again she proved she is a versatile and multi-talented. She played the role of ‘Kaya’, the secretory to Sherman Joshi’s character Aditya Diwan. She looked absolutely stunning in the movie and especially in the song ‘Tu Isaq Mera’ she set the stage on fire with her performance.


Ram Ratan is a 2017 Bollywood romantic comedy film. Govind Sakariya directed the film. Ratan Rathod, played by Daisy, is the main character. The film is packed with romance, with a dash of humour and suspense thrown in for good measure. This was Shah’s third feature film. In the film, she plays the wife of Ram (Rishi Bhutani), who seeks vengeance on her unfaithful husband.

Race 3- 2018

One of the most notable dialogues she delivered in the film titled ‘Race 3’ was ‘My Business Is My Business, None of Your Business,’ which received a lot of attention and popularity on social media platforms, where millions of netizens liked it and admired her manner. Sanjana Singh was the role she played. This Abbas-Mastan franchise gave Daisy new connotations to the word “fame.”

Bloody Ishq/ Spark

Daisy didn’t really act in the movies but she left a remarkable impression on netizens’ minds with her special appearance in the film’s songs. She appeared in the song ‘Meri Jawani Sode ki Botal’ from the movie Spark and ‘Danger Hai Laila’ from ‘Bloody Ishq’.

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