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Had to Undergo Therapy to Come Out of it

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Actor Sahil Anand, who plays the role of a patient under psychoanalysis in the latest digital film Paatr, opened up about severe repercussions of the same which included quitting social media and isolating in Chandigarh. Sahil said, “I had to isolate myself for the role. Before the shoot there were strict trainings, workshops going on for me by my director. So, for four days I was in my own zone and the shoot also went on for three days continuous. During those three days, I hardly slept, ate or spoke to anyone. I just wanted to be in my character.”

He continued, “But that thing never came out, after the shoot also I kept thinking what they do etcetera as it is based on a real story. I went home and did not even talk to my family. But then I decided to fight it and got busy with my son. Somehow I thought I have come out of it. But when the screening happened, it started again. I took a break and went to Chandigarh to be with my parents, they suggested me to consult a psychiatrist. I visited a psychiatrist, meditated. I was told to go out of Chandigarh and refresh myself without cellphone. I thought my cellphone will be off, so I decided to put it out on social media and it got so aggravated. Because of this thing I had to come back.”

Is he apprehensive about taking up similar kind of roles in future? He said, “I will do this type of role again. I have worked for 10 years in the industry and this was the first time that I couldn’t come out of the character. In order to do justice to the script, I took this very seriously and personally. In future also I will do this, I am very dedicated to my work. I cannot get scared and leave good roles because of this. But I will approach the characters with a strong mind.”

Sahil, who has worked both on the small and the big screen in Hindi industry, recently made his debut in the digital space with Banned. Talking about the same, he said, “I am very glad that digital medium has come so forward. I would say opportunities have increased as mediums have increased. Seeing the kind of content digital is making, I always wanted to work in real time space and digital is doing that. They are doing work in real time space, you never feel they are acting. The actor who was sitting at home is now working.” Adding, “I don’t want to restrict myself to one medium, after this web film, I have a movie and then if I am offered a TV show I will accept. All that matters of me is good work.”

What’s next for Sahil? “I have Missing Chapter, which is already shot. I also have an yet untitled Telugu remake by Guddu Ki Gun directors.”

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