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Amitabh Bachchan Invites Contestant’s In-law to Hot Seat

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Kaun Banega Crorepati is back on Television and so is the craze of it. This show, hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, is on its thirteenth season and the latest episode was just too much fun. The episode on Tuesday featured a veterinarian doctor, Neha Bathla, from Uttarakhand who won the firstest finger first triple test. When she came on the hot seat, since then it became so much more interesting. Neha shared with Big B how she always wanted to sit on the chair and play KBC but somehow, even after trying multiple times, she kept failing. So, after she got married, her father-in-law encouraged her to pursue her dream to play in the show and that’s how she eventually ended up applying again.

Neha’s first question was for 3000 rupees which she answered right away. For her next question, she had to guess the song from the lyrics – Soni Kitni Soni Aaj Tu Lagdi Ve. She opted to use the audience poll lifeline and won with the right answer. For the next few questions, Neha was as swift as wind as she kept on answering the questions and bagging the amounts. For a question that asked the name of the cyclone that hit east coast in May 2021, Neha swiftly answered Cyclone Yaas.

Big B also chatted with Neha for a while and came to know of how she balances her hectic work schedule and also her little kid. She said that since her husband believes in gender equality, it is always a fair share of work that they both divide. She confessed to Big B that she is lucky to have married someone like him. Neha, who is a big fan of Big B, has apparently passed on the admiration to her kid as well – Big B was overwhelmed at that.

For the question of Rs 3.2 lakh, Neha won the amount and was handed the cheque by Big B. But she requested Big B to gift it to her father-in-law instead, who was accompanying her to the sets. She also requested Big B to let him sit on the hot seat – it was his lifelong dream. To this Big B joked saying, he may sit but he can’t play the game.

After a few right answers later, Neha walked away with Rs 12,50,000. Before leaving, she said that she had participated in the show not for the money, but to garner respect for herself in the society.

Kaun Banega Crorepati will telecast from Monday to Friday at 9pm.

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