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She was Courageous to Produce it and Act as Well

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Rajveer Ankur Singh, who features alongside Esha Deol Takhtani in the latest digital film Ek Duaa which addresses the issue of female foeticide, talked about his equation with the actress, experience of shooting for the film and much more. Singh said, “It’s a subject which is relevant in today’s society. I always look forward to being associated with the right kind of projects and this was one of those. The experience was amazing because of the team, our director Ram Kamal Mukherjee, who knew what he was emotionally investing himself into. He was there as a director, as the captain of the ship, always helping everyone out and then you had Esha has a producer, always being nice and making everything comfortable for everyone on the search and she being a co-actor also was just amazing.”

He continued, “I admire Esha for the work she has done over the years, for philanthropy work and as an actor also she’s phenomenal. She has been a wonderful actress and a perfect co-star. I admire her for being an amazing mother and still being able to do what she’s doing and to come up with such a subject was not easy, not many people try to touch these kind of subjects. They’re not very fancy. They’re not very appealing to the very commercial cinema, but the story had to be told and she was courageous enough to produce it and act as well in this amazing film. So, I think it was wonderful to be a part of the film and having her as a leading lady in the film just helped.”

Singh, who had taken a break from acting after his debut film G Kutta Se, said, “I took a break from the kind of films I was being offered after G Kutta Se. The film did really well internationally on film festivals circuit and also got a lot of appreciation from everyone in the industry. For me, it was very important to not just pick anything for the sake of it. I just wanted to be a part of something meaningful and something which makes sense to me as an actor, drives me as an actor. Ram Kamal Mukherjee was kind enough to message me one day, he saw G Kutta Se and he was like I have a story which you’ll love because it’s kind of similar story wise and the subject is strong and it’s relevant.”

What’s next for you? He said, “There’s a lot of lot of good things which are happening. Next, I have a Netflix series, which I might start from January. Other than that, I’m also working with the director of my first film Rahul Dahiya who is a phenomenal director and we might be working on something really interesting way soon. It’s going to be a film, not a series.”

He went on, “When I started my career it was a different story because we were not educated enough about the industry, so that we could just make a decision in terms of like – before if anybody would offer me a role which is a very significant role but not a central character, I would always refuse. It was conditioned in our mind that we have to refuse because I being a hero or somebody who’s like taking a movie on my own shoulders, I always thought that. Why do I need to do anything which is not a main lead? But that mindset has changed for me. Even if I am doing a half an hour or one hour role in a film or a short cameo, it has to be valuable. So, I look for roles which are close to realism and close to what a human being goes through in their daily life. A lot of things are coming my way. I am not in a hurry to do anything but whatever I will do it has to be something meaningful.”

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