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Malaika Arora Says Her ‘Mild Covid Case’ Battered Her Physically and Mentally

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Malaika Arora has made an appeal to citizens to come forward and help those who have suffered financially during the pandemic. The Bollywood diva opened up about her own struggles with Covid to say how her recovery has been a long-drawn process. The actress tested positive in September 2020, and recovered in home isolation. Malaika said that she is aware of her privilege which helped sustain her during the pandemic, but thousands in this country are not that lucky. After narrating her own story as part of the We For India campaign, the actress urged others to donate for the cause.

She began, “Last year in September, I tested positive for Covid-19. After 3 weeks of home isolation and thanks to my wonderful doctors, I recovered. People said you were lucky, it was a mild case. But even this mild case, as they call it, battered me physically and mentally. The fatigue takes a very long time to go. There were times I felt I would never get my strength back. More than the physical aspect, the anxiety I felt was overwhelming. But what kept me going was hope, and that is our weapon to fight this off. Not losing hope, believing in yourself to pull through this. I am still rebuilding my strength to get back to my previous self. But I’m not giving up, and you must not…

“I do know I come from a privileged space. Families in India have been driven to financial ruin as they battle this health crisis. I appeal to you to help me in helping them,” she ended her message.

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‘We For India: Saving Lives, Protecting Livelihoods’ was a global digital broadcast expected to raise over Rs 25 crore for Covid-19 relief in India. The three-hour digital fundraiser featured over 100 celebrities from the world of film, music, comedy and sports, streamed live on Facebook globally on Independence Day this year.

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