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Anupama Actor Muskan Bamne aka Pakhi was Turned Down for Being ‘Fat’

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Several actors receive rejection because of their weight, and Anupama fame Muskan Bamne is also on the list. The 21-year-old has been in the showbiz world for the past 10 years and has worked in shows like Crime Patrol, but has finally received recognition now. In the daily soap, which is soaring high on the TRP charts, Muskan essays the role of Anupamaa’s daughter, Pakhi. In a recent interview with ETimes, she opened up upon her struggles, the rejections she faced, and other things.

Talking about her experience of giving interviews, Muskan shared that earlier they used to get lengthier scripts during auditions as the casting director wanted to check how much the actor can memorize. The tedious process used to stress her out, however, Muskan said that now she has understood the process to just learn and say how one feels. “Whatever comes from within has to be emoted well. It’s become easier now because I’ve been doing it for quite some time now,” she said.

Muskan shared that she has faced rejections a couple of times and mainly because of her weight. But the young actor credits her family for being supportive throughout the journey and never allowed her to stress about it. “Most of the rejections that I faced when I was fat and people would say, ‘Yeh thodi healthy (fat) hai, isko reject kar do’ but my family has been so supportive that they never let me take much stress or pressure about all of these things. They always encouraged me by saying, ‘abhi nahin baad me ho jayega.’ They often said, ‘What has come is for your good and what has gone is for your best,” Muskan revealed.

On Anupama rocking the TRP charts, Muskan said that everyone boasts with pride on learning that and she feels amazing to be part of the show. “Everyone is working hard, giving their best, so that the audience gets the best to watch,” she added.

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