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Vir Das Apologises After Criticism Over Joke on Transgender Community

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Standup comedian and actor Vir Das, on Sunday, apologised for his recent jokes on transgender community. The comedian said “I messed up”. In an episode of his new series #TenOnTen Tribalism and Cancel Culture vs Comedy, which is streaming on YouTube, the actor cracked a joke on trans people and also spoke inappropriately about transgender persons that didn’t go down well. The clips of the series made its way on various social media platforms and he was trolled and criticised for the joke that apparently made fun of gender pronouns.

After realizing his mistake, the comedian issued a statement on his official Twitter account apologising for his act. In the tweet Das wrote, “For you, Amaan. Thank you for the conversation,” pointing out a fan, who felt bad by Das’ joke on the queer community.

The comedian also addressed the criticism against him on his Instagram account as well and wrote, “I did a joke on the new Ten On Ten episodes that my friends in the Trans community felt hurt by. I see why. My intent at the moment was to say Trans people have courage the Govt never ever could and it was set up wrong and uninformed. I messed up. It had the opposite effect and trivialized your struggle. Articulating my intent effectively is my responsibility, not yours,” With the statement, Das also posted screenshots of his conversation with a follower, who wrote to him, telling him that he chose to ‘punch down’ by making jokes on the transgender people.

Das apologised to Amaan in his reply and assured him that he would issue a statement and will acknowledge his mistake.

“You’re correct about the joke, and I’m so sorry it made you feel hurt. I’m going to put a statement out, but wait till everyone calms down so they know it’s thought out and genuine. If you know my work, you know the intent is never ever to hurt. Give it a minute and I will definitely respond,” the comedian responded at the time.

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