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Shamita Shetty Opens Up About Living in Shilpa Shetty’s Shadow

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The first Sunday ka Vaar on Bigg Boss OTT was quite explosive as host Karan Johar set the tone for the rest of the weeks, coming down heavily on contestants for their attitude inside the house. He criticised many housemates with his trademark wit and sarcasm. Shamita Shetty was one of the rare few who earned praise from the filmmaker, who is hosting the first digital chapter of Bigg Boss show this year. Karan presented his observation that people are yet to see the real Shamita, and asked if there is some kind of baggage that she is carrying.

To which the actress agreed and said, “I have had a very difficult journey of 20-25 years in the industry, I am more confident as a person now. People know me as Shamita ‘Shetty’, Shilpa’s sister. It’s a protective shadow, I am lucky to have that, but people don’t know the real me.” Shamita broke down while talking.

The episode began with Karan Johar sarcastically pointing out Divya Agarwal’s repeatedly mentioning that she doesn’t need the show as she has already won so many reality shows. Karan said many other contestants have this attitude that they are more popular than others. “Bigg Boss didn’t beg you or force you to come here. All of you came on your own terms,” he reprimanded them.

He also went to Pratik Sehajpal, referring to his change his attitude after the first two days of picking fights with everyone. Pratik said that he became more responsible after getting the power of being the house captain.

Karan also questioned Shamita and Divya’s ‘friendship’. Shamita says she was told Divya is a good girl, but has realized she is changing colours. Karan also asked Raqesh why he discussed his partner Shamita with Divya behind her back. Raqesh insisted that he is still trying to understand the format of the show.

Nishant Bhatt was asked if the contestants’ attitude towards his partner Moose Jattana is right. He said, “She is 20, but the others are behaving like they are 20-year-olds.” Karan said that the two of them have the ideal connection and are doing it right.

Neha Bhasin was the other contestant who broke down. While Karan called her mature and the voice of reason, he also asked her to be strong. “You are mature and experienced. But your patience for Moose is less than others. You are taking out your baggage on her. Neha breaks down, maybe this game is not for me. Karan asks her to buckle up and be strong,” he said.

Bigg Boss 13 contestants Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill entered the show house after an interaction with Karan Johar on Sunday Ka Vaar. They interacted with the contestants and got them to speak their heart out about each other.

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