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GoT Star Tobias Menzies Says ‘It was a Relief to Wear Jeans and Trainers’ for Modern Love S2

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English actor Tobias Menzies is internationally known for his memorable period drama roles, right from Brutus in HBO’s Rome to Edmure Tully in Game of Thrones. Menzies also portrayed Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in the third and fourth seasons of Netflix’s series The Crown. But in Amazon Prime Video’s Modern Love Season 2, the actor plays a parent who reignites his old flame with his divorced wife, played by Sophie Okonedo.

Talking to News18 during a global junket, Menzies and Okonedo described their episode, Second Embrace, With Hearts and Eyes Open from the Amazon Prime Video series that is based on a weekly column published by The New York Times.

Tobias, you are internationally known for your various period drama roles. How was it to play a modern day man in a series about modern love, for a change?

Tobias: Was it a relief? Yes, I suppose so. I suppose I have played quite a lot of period stuff. So it was nice to wear some jeans and some trainers, yes. But mainly, it was really nice to work with this one, Sophie Okonedo. We had a really good time shooting in Dublin, making the show. We’re excited for people to see it.

Did you feel connected to your characters from Day 1?

Sophie: Tobias and I had to isolate in the same hotel when we got to Dublin. And that ended up being quite handy because we got to really think deeply about the script work on the characters. And also we got to know each other quite well, in a very short span of time. And so by the time we got to the first day of filming, I think we were definitely very connected to the characters.

Tobias: As Sophie said, it’s great to have that period, because we hadn’t worked together before, we hadn’t met. So in a short span of time, we had to cook up in the marriage and the history of the couple, so that had a bit of texture and believability.

What is special about these characters?

Tobias: They’re not particularly special, they’re just two people who have separated and co-parenting. There’s an ordinary texture to the show, and then, quite a large event hits them both. And it’s how they deal with that. The title of the episode is second chances, so it is about a certain time of life when maybe you rediscover someone that you’ve kind of lost touch with. So maybe ordinary people doing special things.

What does the term ‘modern love’ mean to you?

Sophie: As opposed to old fashioned love?

Tobias: I guess it’s that. The series is about relationships in modern first world countries taking a lot of different shapes. That’s what the articles in the New York Times talk about – the different iterations and different shapes and sizes and configurations that modern life and family life takes on. Lots of different types of love. And that’s what it means to me. The range of ways that people love each other and live is quite wide now, as compared to say 50 or 100 years ago. The articles seem to be celebrating that, and the show, I think, is doing the same thing.

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