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Neha Accuses Moose of ‘Character Assassination’; Nishant is Safe

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The sixth day brings a new set of challenges, confrontations and twists for Bigg Boss OTT housemates who are gearing up for Sunday Ka Vaar with Karan Johar. The day starts with Neha Bhasin accusing Moose Jattana and Nishant Bhat of “character assassinating” her. Neha alleges that Moose apparently told some housemates how she could kiss male contestants on national television despite being a married woman. Neha further says that Moose and his connection Nishant have been playing a very dirty game and speaking ill about people unnecessarily.

Neha later gets into a heated argument with Pratik Sehajpal after he assumed that she was indirectly taunting him while talking to other housemates. Neha tells Pratik that she was making a general comment and he should stop assuming things. She even lashes out at him for “messing up” with her mind. As the day progresses, Pratik confronts Moose about her alleged comments on Neha. To which, Moose clarifies that she “never character assassinated” Neha and what she actually meant was she did not like the fact that Neha kissed Akshara Singh on the lips during the statue task without her consent.

Moose further tells Pratik that even Akshara did not like Neha’s gesture and the latter should not have done it as it was a bit out of line. When Neha tries to discuss the chaos with Zeeshan Khan and Divya Agarwal, the latter abruptly tells her to sort it out with Moose and not discuss anyone behind their back. This makes Neha angry once again and she gets pissed with Divya, too.

Later, Bigg Boss appears as a savior for the nominated contestants — Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat, Nishant Bhat, Moose Jattana and Urfi Javed- as they bring an interesting twist and give them a task called “Entertainment Live” wherein the contestants have to go all out to entertain the audience who will make the final decision of sending one of the contestants or a connection back home.

Nishant and Moose, who initially seem a bit confused, decide to dress up and roast the other contestants. While Shamita and Raqesh entertain the audience by playing a baby and father duo, but unfortunately, Milind Gaba steals their thunder as he makes frequent appearances as their nosy neighbour during the act. On the other hand, Urfi stuns the live audience by showcasing her DIY talent. She makes a sexy dress out of a garbage bag.

After all-day long entertainment, Bigg Boss announces that the live viewers have saved Nishant Bhat and Moose from this week’s nomination.

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