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Five Interesting Marvel Fan Theories Based on ‘What If?’ Which Will Blow Your Mind

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The third show of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4, Loki, established the multiverse in the franchise. Now, the first ever Marvel animated series What If…? brings the reimagined version of the most significant events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the numerous possibilities generated there on.

Ever since the first episode premiered on Disney+ Hotstar, fans have been flooding the internet with fan-theories that can be made possible through the multiverse. Take a look at some of the most interesting fan theories online.

Is Thanos with Lady Death?

There’s one and only thing Thanos loves and that’s to kill people and destroy lives. Many fans believe that when Thanos was destroyed in Avengers: Endgame, he was sent to be with Lady Death, perhaps to learn his lesson.

Will Jane Foster take over as Thor?

Fans are anticipating that the Mighty Thor or Jane Foster will come to dominate the Thor movies and emerge as the next legacy Thor. Natalie Portman’s return in the MCU is one reason fans are eagerly anticipating the move.

Will there be an Avengers VS X-Men?

We have seen Spiderman become a part of the Avengers and fans are anticipating that the Fantastic Four are on their way too. What has been a top discussion on the fan forum is if there ever will be a clash of the Avengers and X-Men?

Will Doctor Strange travel to other Marvel properties?

Fans are anticipating that Doctor Strange in the upcoming movie, while studying the infinity stones will travel back and forth through various universes as per the Marvel comics.

Is Captain Marvel the new lead of the Avengers?

Now that Captain America and Iron Man are no longer on the Avengers team, who then will be the new head? Marvel fans think it’s going to be Captain Marvel’s place to take.

What If? is written by AC Bradley and directed by Bryan Andrews. The show stars many actors from the MCU including Samuel L Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Sebastian Stan, Tom Hiddleston, Hailey Atwell, Karen Gillian, Josh Brolin among others. The show has premiered on Disney+ Hotstar from August 11.

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