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Imlie Actor Gashmeer Mahajani Opens Up on Battling Depression

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Gashmeer Mahajani, who became a household name with his portrayal of the character Aditya Kumar Tripathi in Star Plus show Imlie, recently opened up about his struggle and mental illness. The 36-year-old actor, who has already earned a lot of fame in the Marathi film industry, came to Mumbai to fulfil his dream of establishing himself in the Hindi film industry.

Speaking to ETimes, Gashmeer said, “I feel that I need to work hard for the next 10 years, give at least 4 such popular shows, 10 good web series and 5 brilliant films, I think after that people will sit to watch a show, film or a web show for Gashmeer Mahajani. And when that happens I will say, I have become a household name.”

Gashmeer, who is loved for his on-screen chemistry with Sumbul Touqeer, also gave us a sneak peek into their off-screen relationship. The actor said, that since Sumbul is just 21-year-old, he feels like a nanny around her. He said that mostly, Sumbul walks around holding his sleeve and the kind of relationship that they share is adorable. Speaking of romantic scenes with Sumbul, Gashmeer added that he had never felt uncomfortable while shooting them as that was what the script and the audience demanded from their characters.

Gashmeer has made quite a name for himself in the Marathi industry where he has done multiple films and web shows. When asked about his perception of the platforms, the actor said that the only difference is that in television, he needs to reinvent himself on a daily basis. As of everything else, he feels that all the three platforms are similar and he puts equal hard work into all of them.

Gashmeer reminisced about the rough patch that he faced in his career when he was at the age of 26. After an immense struggle, he only did one film with filmmaker Ashok Mehta, who passed away soon after. Post Mehta’s death, Gashmeer sunk into depression for the next two and half years. “I suffered financial losses. After that, there was a dull period where I had no work for 2 years. There was nothing happening and nobody was accepting me,” he said. Gashmeer added that around this time he battled depression by shutting himself inside his bedroom for almost six months.

Gashmeer also expressed his desire to participate in an adventure-based reality show like Khatron Ke Khiladi, but he is not in favour of doing other reality shows. He wants his audience to track him as the characters that he plays, and the only time he can be really candid in front of the camera is when he is giving an interview, not otherwise.

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